#7 (Part I)

007 The Scout with the Appraiser (Part I)

     “The appraiser is at Thorn’s house right now.” George said the moment we stepped back into Thunder’s gym. “There is a scout with him.”
     “Why would an appraiser bring a ballist along?” I asked, thinking of the gentleman’s game base ball. My husband had loved the older era base ball, had complained endlessly that the demise of sportsmanship came about with the very first scout.
     George averted his face. “Don’t leave her here, Thunder. Half the men would eat her alive, and you know it.”
     Which did not make me feel comfortable. I stepped closer to Thunder, the age-old wisdom that a man who has protected a woman once will protect her again.
     “She’s not a hunter.” Thunder’s arm came around me, albeit lightly. The imposition of his presence had been before sunrise was now comforting, and almost friendly. “Come. In this sense a scout is not for rough play, but as in military.”
     “That makes the situation all the more absurd. Why would the military be interested in a table?”

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