#6 (Part III)

#6 How Lunch With Thunder Went Terribly Wrong (Part III)

     “I wish, Mister Taddeo, I could find Thunder a nice Italian girl.  He loves Italian food so much.”  I ignore Thunder’s warning look.  “He says yours is the best.  It’s why we came here today.  Thunder told me he doesn’t eat anybody else’s Italian food.”
      “Bah!”  Taddeo slaps the table top with his hand.It is just for show, though, because when he turns away with the bottle of bubbly water Thaddeo’s cheeks are pink.  “I will bring you my special. No pesto!” Taddeo returns with cheesy shells liberally sprinkled with onions and roasted garlic.  I paste on a smile.
      Thunder waits until Thaddeo returns to the kitchen.  “What’s wrong now?”
      “I’m allergic to garlic.”

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