#7 (Part II)

#7 The Scout with the Appraiser (Part II)

    “When all the world knows you have something valuable and important, when reputations and jobs are staked on the truth of the matter, why would the military not get involved?”
     I looked up at Thunder as he turned out to the street. He was serious!  “I don’t understand.”  I told him.
     His motorcycle was only a short length away.  Thunder helped me put the helmet on.  Then he grasped my shoulders, “I don’t know which scout it is Strumbeck brought along.  You must listen to me very carefully Ms. Applewhite.  If I tell you to do something you must not question me.”
     “Now would be a good time to drop me off at the hotel.  I can stay there until Thorn arrives.”
     “No.  Too many people can play end-of-days with your arrival and any issues with the table.”
     “End-of-days?”  His use of the term seemed precognitive.
     “It’s a game of marbles.”
     The drive to Thorn’s house was quiet.  It was hot in the helmet.  By the time Thunder pulled up into the drive sweat blotted my forehead.  Thunder helped me off with the helmet.  This time he was the impatient one.  Then, with a hand wrapped around my arm, he took me back inside.
     Not that I saw much.  The table was no longer in the hall.  Four or five people were seated on the creamy white living room couches.  Thunder, though, walked me straight through to the guest room I’d had a nap in just hours before.  “Lock the door.  Do not run.  Understand?”
     I dared challenge, “What happens if I run?”
     Thunder paused.  I knew he was going to lie a moment before he did; his eyes darkened, narrowed.  “The scout has brought his dogs and they are prone to chasing anything that flees.”

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