#15 (Part I)

#15 An Answered Scream ( Part I )

     I was shattered.  Utterly and truly shattered.  "W-what happened?"
     Penny grimaced.  She gestured to the ashy remains of the house.  My home was reduced to remains.  Coils of smoke still twisted upwards in wispy spirals.  The soul of the house was being lost unto the wind.  She said, "It happens sometimes when he gets angry."
     She turned to look at me, her gaze searching.  Then, grasping my arm, she pulled me closer.  "You have something from before that you hold onto, right?  You keep a hold of it.  Keep it in your mind."
     "If I don't?"
     "Then he wins.  He gets it all.  Try!  Try now!"

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