#14 (Part IV)

#14 Real versus Fake (Part IV)
     "I. . . yes.  I'm teaching them."
     She stepped in fully, her eyes going from row to row.  Revulsion gathered in her eyes, spread to the thin press of her lips, and finally to the wrinkle of her nose.  As if she smelled something rotten in. . . rotten in . . . I couldn't find the word to finish the saying. 
     "I had them, once, for Sunday school."
     "You're a teacher, too?"  I was at once thrilled to have such an acquaintance.  Someone like me.  It made me feel less alone.
     She smiled briefly.  It was not enough to change the look in her eyes.  "I've come to take you home."
     Oh, how my heart thundered in joyous ovation for this very moment.

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