#14 (Part I)

#14 Real versus Fake (Part I)

      Of all the things to be real in a fake paper classroom - why the chalkboard? I pushed the thought aside."Open your composition books to -"
     Had I not known the children behind me were paper I would have sworn the sound of books slapping down on desks were real.I would have sworn the books were real, their desks were real, and that the giggling and whispering . . . all of it was real.
     Until I turned around.Not a single thing, paper doll or otherwise, was out of place.  By accident my gaze fell on the cigarette-burn eyes.  I shuddered and jerked around to face the only thing that I knew was real: the chalkboard.  The cool stick of chalk in my hand lent a weight to reality.  Just holding it helped soothe the fear caused cramping in my stomach.
     Behind me the room erupted into laughter.

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