#10 (Part I)

#10 Ominous Foreboding (Part I)

     I must have slept. Someone sitting beside me moved, and the cushion under me moved as well. The same someone bumped my arm. I heard the distinct crackle newsprint has when it is being folded back for the first time, when it is still fresh and un-creased.
     “I find it tiresome to have to repeat myself.” The cultured, foreign voice of the man with the newspaper cut through my thoughts.
     “I don’t have it.” I pulled the letter from my pocket.
     His slim fingers lifted it from my hand. He was careful not to touch me. After a day of Thunder’s big-brother treatment I felt the lack of contact disturbing. I reached for the man’s hand only to pull back at the last moment. What was I doing?
     “I’m sorry.” I turned my face back to the window.
     “It’s not me you have to worry over.” His tone said he was annoyed. A moment later his cool fingers curled over mine. “In the old days thievery was not taken well.”
     My head snapped round to face him. “I didn’t steal it!”

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