#1 Two Envelopes

    I simply have to trust.
     Resting on the side table are two envelopes.  They are not equal. 
     The first, labeled “Thorn”, is of a thin and blue paper.  I could imagine the wild-men of the plains soaking this offering in kerosene to hang up in the hollows of their walls as windows.  The writing on the outside is heavy, blockish, and printed out.  It is as if a child had written it using a template.  In some spots, especially the curve of the ‘o’, the paper was torn.  In others it was easy enough to see the press of the pencil left scratches behind. 
     The second envelope is of heavier stock, is of ivory cream color, and bears a formal weight to it.  It is labeled ‘Teach’ with the writing done in elegant calligraphy.  I’ve seen the second envelope before, or a very precise duplicate.  I shy away from choosing this envelope, and reach for the envelope labeled “Thorn”.
     Inside is a round trip ticket circa the railways.  Nestled behind is a hotel voucher for a room in the City of Tamorace with the guest’s name as Tracy C. Applewhite.  Wedged between both is a small prayer paper, no richer than a slice of onion skin, with the words, ‘Toothpick Journal.’
     That is it. I’ve no other information. No notice of who or whom to talk to. No contact details or even a calling card. I simply have to trust.

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